Introducing Margaret “Peggy” Moizel, a Fine Art photographer hailing from Miami Beach, Fla.

With an appetite for adventure, curiosity for culture and passion for producing the highest quality photography and prints, Margaret Moizel is on a mission to connect people who share a love for fine art to unusual cultures, unique places and historical objects.

Moizel first studied photography in Miami, New York and as a resident student at Maine Media in Rockport, Maine. She honed her photography and printing skills under the tutelage of many fine contemporary photographers and master printers.

Printing her own images, Moizel boasts exceptional control of each photograph that is produced. She also prints using alternative process such as gelatin transfers, various custom substrates and diverse media types.

“I’ve always had a curiosity.” 

Having traveled the world for the past 30 years, Moizel has accessed some of the most exclusive, and seldom captured, cultures and sites that only local peoples of the would typically know and access.

“I enjoy sharing moments that most people are unaware of through my photography.”

Following her residency at the esteemed Maine Media program in 2012, Moizel knew she wanted to be a fine art photographer for the rest of her life.

Moizel’s fine arts journey dates back to her first trip to Europe when she turned 27. Carrying nothing but a backpack, she weaved her way in and out of the most incredible historic sites in one summer – and did it all on a bank loan. Talk about passion!

Having taken both portrait and landscape photography for decades, Moizel invested in her first professional camera in 2004 and her portfolio of breathtaking art flourished from there.

Moizel captures intriguing and inspiring people, places and objects. All of her photographs are backed byawe-inspiring stories, helping people who witness her photography feel vested in the work and appreciate all aspects of the photograph’s saga. She also captures and shares raw video footage of her travels, taking you on a virtual journey to some of the most unseen places and cultures. Check out her YouTube channel for more!”

The daughter of a merchant seaman and relative to a long line of whalers and pirates, according to her father, Moizel’s thirst for travel and art flow deep through her veins.

With more than 50,000 stunning photographs in her repertoire, Moizel has curated incredible works from India, Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia), the Dead Sea, the Gobi Desert, Paris, Düsseldorf, and even traveled with the Chinese Government to explore restricted parts of Northwest China – to name a few.

Having traveled and resided in multiple countries, Moizel’s voyage is just heating up. Get the virtual ticket and take a ride on her unique excursions by following her blog!

Moizel showcases her photography in galleries throughout the world. Follow Moizel and see where her art will be exhibited next!

“It is a continuous journey.”